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Astra sport-articles (PVT) Ltd. 

Dheera Sandha
Pasrur Road

Sialkot -51310
Fax +92 - 52 - 3540334




Short History of the Company 1945 - 2010

65 years of Service to Soccer Game


1945               FIRST ball manufacturing unit, mainly for export, was established by 

                       Mr. M. S. Shaikh.

1955               Mr. Ziauddin Shaikh joined his father's business.

1945-1962      The exports were mainly made to the South East Asian countries and Australia.

1962           Exploration of African, Middle Eastern and European Markets undertaken by

                       Mr. Ziauddin Shaikh.

1965               FIRST ever sale office for sports goods by a Pakistani company set up in Germany.

1975           The firm was awarded the President of Pakistan's Export Trophy for best export


1981               Mr. M. S. Shaikh died leaving a very flourishing sporting goods business.

1982               FIRST handsewn soccer ball with flag print produced in Pakistan, designed by 

                       Mr. Ziauddin Shaikh and manufactured by our factory in Pakistan.

1993               Comet Sports GmbH, Germany and Astra sport-articles, Pakistan

                       (The new manufacturing and procurement unit) exhibited handsewn balls at
                       the New York Toy Show. This was the FIRST ever participation of a
                       Pakistani / German company in that fair.

2001              Entering 21st century, with continuous commitment to

                  quality manufacturing WITHOUT ANY CHILD LABOUR

                  We are ISO – 9002 approved and are members of SIGMA.


                  We look forward hopefully ( By The Grace of God ) to serve

                  the Soccer World in the 21st century as well.


2005-2006  FIRST ever Hand Stitched UNICEF SOCCER BALL OF NATIONS with

                      flags of all FIFA states printed in the Heart Shape

                  (showing a Heart for UNICEFwas designed by

                  Mr. Ziauddin Shaikh of Comet Sports GmbH, Moenchengladbach

                  (Germany) and was manufactured by us.


                  The idea and realisation for this limited adition BALL was from

                      Mr. Heribert Klein (the owner of a Heart for UNICF Organisation)

                      & PR Director of Dresdner Bank AG – Germany.A man well

                      known in the international Public Relations World, especially in


                      These balls were signed by many prominent figures like Mr. Pele

                      (a football Legend) followed by Shakira, Phil Collins and so on.

                      These balls were given away against a donation for UNICEF. The ball

                      with Pele’s Signature went back (against a handsome donation) to

                      Mr. Ziauddin Shaikh of Comet Sports GmbH – Germany ,

                      the chief donors of these limited addition balls for the

                      WORLD CUP 2006 event  & the WM- Partys, for the benefit of     

                      UNICEF, in the Halls of Dresdner Bank AG  at Duesseldorf, 


2008             The balls manufactured for the EUROPEAN CUP 2008 partys in

                      the Halls of Dresdner Bank AG at Duesseldorf in Germany ,

                      organised by Mr. Heribert Klein the PR man or as

                      Mr. Ziauddin Shaikh calls him  a  public relations`LEGEND`


2009             UPGRADE of our homepage for the coming year and hope to serve again

                      in the WM–Partys planned by Mr. Heribert Klein , also mainly for

                      the benefit of UNICEF,  during the WORLD CUP 2010 event , in the

                      Halls of   “Dresdner Bank – A Brand of Commerzbank AG “ at   

                      Duesseldorf  in Germany.


2010             Africa Football ( print of the continent ) designed and made by us. 

                      Two sets of these balls in size 5 and Mini as well as JUMBO balls were

                      donated through our Mr. Ziauddin Shaikh of

                      Comet Sports GmbH – Mönchengladbach ( Germany ) for WM parties

                      organised by Mr. Heribert Klein Director PR of Commerzbank AG 

                      in partnership with EXPRESS newspaper - Düsseldorf

                      for the benefit of  UNICEF.


2011             New designs for soccer events in 2011 and 2012.



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